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Quarterback to an Aussie

Jan. 16, 2020

This morning, I didn’t have court. This resulted in my having “extra” time around the house before heading to the office. I used that time to take care of a few little things in the backyard. I watered my tomato plants and moved them where they could receive more sun. I pulled a few weeds and trimmed some basil leaves. And I threw some kitchen waste into the compost pit. While I performed these tasks, I was accompanied by our little Aussie, Harper. Harper just turned one last month and is extremely energetic in the mornings. Usually I play fetch with her and her favorite rope tug-toy or with her Kong Wubba. This morning she was engaging me to play with a small, squeaky Nerf football. Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, after she retrieves the ball and runs it back to me. Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky.

As I was throwing the football, I had a sudden realization that I was profoundly grateful for this time. Here I was, playing with a creature who clearly loves me and loves to play. Here I was, throwing decent spiral “passes.” Here I was, outdoors and happy.

Standing there, I am grateful to be a quarterback to an Aussie this morning. I am grateful that in my childhood I learned how to throw a football. I am grateful that in my late 50s I am in pretty good health. I am grateful for so many things.

Then I realized I am a quarterback to my clients. In a nutshell, they come to me for help with their problems, whether it's personal or business. They tell me their stories. They do not want to lose their home to foreclosure. Or, they realize they cannot save their home but do not know what else to do. Or, their business is being screwed over and they do not want to lose the time, money and dedication they have invested in starting and growing their business; their business that often serves as the sole means of support for their whole family. Or, they are in over their head with consumer debt, and they need to file bankruptcy. I give them support as they face their problems. They rely on me to offer them a clear strategy to move the ball downfield. I give them options along the way to make their progression down the field more acceptable. I do my best to make reaching the end zone an acceptable result for them.

I am grateful to live a life in which I am able to help people run the ball past obstacles to an acceptable resolution.